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What Is Latency and Its Causes?

Latency is how long it takes for your computer and everything else to respond after you complete an action , such as clicking the link. Most people won’t notice any difference in their Spotify listening or video streaming However, gamers could experience problems due to latency. Satellite internet has a more precise performance than wired connections. This means that they might experience slower performance in games due to the high loss rates.

The difference in latency is how your input feels (in this instance, an anchor) and how quickly it gets delivered to others. Also, if you are playing video games or viewing YouTube videos online then Latency can affect your responsiveness too due to the possibility of things not being completely precise in timing, based on the speed they travel over fiber optic cables, which brings them into our homes so that we can feel them in person.

What causes latencies?

Gaming and end-users who like the ability to access their favourite content anywhere and at any time are affected by latency. The speed of play can be affected by factors such as distance between you (and the server) and any other intermediary variables like Wi-Fi speed or internet connection type. It could also be contingent on the router/modem combination that a user utilizes – there are many available today! Don’t be concerned if it initially appears complicated.


Latency is the time it takes information to travel from one place within space to another. In this instance it’s about how far your computer is from whatever server(s) that are supplying information requested by that computer, so if it’s not sufficiently distant, then there’ll rise in latency.

Propagation Delay

Propagation delay is the most important aspect in determining latency experienced when browsing on your smartphone or computer. It also affects other metrics like speed of download or upload speeds as well as wireless connectivity.

Internet Connection Type

There is a distinct distinction in the latency of various internet connections. Cable, DSL and fiber have lower latency and satellite’s are greater due to its design structure that requires greater physical space for transmission which leads to more wait times as well with increased buffering capabilities on websites you want access to, like videos or audio files.

What’s on a website?

Have you ever clicked a link and waited several minutes to see the site load? It’s because someone was trying to be too ambitious with their Angelfire page. Since they had glued The Office memes all across it, it now takes longer to visit it each time.

Large files , like HD videos and images demand that your browser download the entire collection. There will be latency because the files could be hosted by an outside server.

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