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Must-Have Features For Driver App

Taxi service is getting more intense and the taxi service is losing customers. Uber-like services have been popular among customers for some time and are likely to continue to increase in popularity. A traditional yellow cab is required, however, it’s worth considering launching your mobile app , if it’s possible, because it can make life simpler when experimenting with new concepts or expanding into other cities where options for transportation might differ greatly compared with what’s currently available.

There are many types of taxi applications available on market. One particular type was specifically designed to assist established companies in expanding their client base and ease the burden on drivers using the app , too. It also helps passengers find reputable pedicab operators close to them so that they can make reservations with no delay or hassle.

Two apps were designed to cater to the distinct requirements of both passengers and drivers. With their apps, you’ll enjoy more personalized, better features for every category. One app that can serve as your driver’s companion for drivers. The other app is designed for drivers who require additional assistance in emergencies such as emergency kits or assistance at the roadside.

The Driver Apps must-have features

It is becoming increasingly difficult to discover taxi apps that are as diverse as is possible. Driver-friendly featuresthat keep an an eye on the business with no manual effort on the part of drivers, will provide an advantage to the app that will draw many more drivers. This will result in increased profits for all those who are involved.

Vehicle Tracking System (GPS).

Drivers will always choose applications that are mobile, which reduce effort and use best practices. The GPS trackers are able to track their passengers’ location once they have shared their permission. This permits them to simplify ride sharing, such as connecting riders with destinations and looking after them on the way.

Button to Check Availability

Drivers can record their journeys. You can mark yourself offline or online once you receive a request. This lets them be alerted of any new assignments as well as pick-up details whenever they find themselves.

Driver Dashboard

Drivers will now be able see their travel statistics and insights as well as overall performance using the new dashboard. The dashboard will also allow drivers to check how their vehicle compares with other automobiles, based on feedback of customers who have previously assessed them.

Sending SMS Alerts and Emails

The futuristic taxicab driverless will be able receive important notifications from passengers on any inquiries or requests for rides. It’s so easy to use that even someone who has no prior experience is able to quickly and efficiently respond.

Begin/End Ride

Maps are a fantastic method to keep the track of your places. Maps can be used to remind you when you require items or need the items delivered. They also function as navigation aids during travel that is especially useful when there’s no signal.

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