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How To Use Room Escape Games For Team Building

If you consider it, room escapes are a way to explode workplace stereotypes. Room escapes are a great method of breaking up the barriers of communication between employees working within the same space and across different departments within a company. Many companies have also noticed this. In recent years, there has been a rise in participation at these events to serve Team Building purposes. ).

The goal of team building is to create a space that employees feel valued and equipped to solve business issues with one another. There’s a variety of ways that can be done but one thing that is popular involves participating in fun activities such as escape rooms, which are not just a way to encourage collaboration among employees but also provides employees with the necessary knowledge of how things work behind the behind the scenes.

An exciting Escape Room Game That Helps in Team Building

The most thrilling game you can take part in when you escape a room is a hungry zombie. Your team is trapped with a chainsaw-wielding zombie that is moving faster as time ticks.

The game is one hour long and , at the time of completion, you’ll get to explore every corner of your room. There are many clues that need to be found or puzzles to solve in this region. The goal here would be escape from the zombies by discovering keys in the towns before time runs out but don’t worry if it looks like there isn’t any improvement being made since sometimes unexpected events can help us avoid certain death (or even worse).


Participants in groups must be in constant contact with each other so that things can run smoothly , without any hidden clues. If one person starts hiding something from his/her teammates or if they don’t tell them about an important discovery made by him then this will jeopardize not just his own success, but those that are around him too since no one knows what could take place the next time.

Get creative and think outside the box

These games test your mind by asking you questions you have never seen before. This is the time to explore something new and exciting. There are no limits in the way one is able to think outside the box, searching for clues can help solve puzzles.

Escape room adventures require extreme attention from everyone involved both physically as well emotionally, which makes this kind of game challenging but exciting at the same time.

Follow or take the lead

The game of escape rooms is unlike anything else you’ve ever played. To escape the room within the set time requires teamwork, planning, and skills. This makes for great group building exercises. The most difficult part is to ensure that your teammates don’t get caught in locks or death traps that could be harmful to them.

If you find yourself in an environment where leaders are needed, your team must consult to determine who should be leading without creating conflicts. My group learns to collaborate and not engage in arguments about leadership or become candidates for boss-like positions that don’t work for them.

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