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How To Get Quick Results With 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

The use of drug test cups has become more frequent because of the increasing tests and screening for drugs. Drug testing is becoming more well-known in both big institutions as well as small-scale businesses and schools. A 12 panel cup for testing drugs can be used to determine the presence of substances in urine. It has 12 panels that permit the detection of the most popular drugs of abuse. This type of drug test is considered more accurate as compared to tests using only a couple of panels and can be utilized to test for personal or workplace testing needs.

A 12-panel cup of a drug test is used to verify the presence of various drugs in one test at the same time. Since these tests test for presence of multiple substances, it can save lots of time. These tests show results in just a just a few seconds. There are a number of substances together within a sample could be detected with these test cups. They are easy to perform without the use of any additional instruments. The test is more effective in the event that multiple drugs are examined at the same time. A 12-panel drug test cup that is fully integrated and self-contained can be used to test for drug metabolites inside urine. The cups that are integrated provide a more convenient and efficient method of collecting urine than an ordinary dip test. It will detect commonly used drugs such as Amphetamine (THC), Cocaine, Marijuana, Phencyclidine and Opiates in urine samples.

Simple and easy to make use of

The 12 panel test cups for drug testing are simple to use. They are suitable for testing on the spot. The results are accessible in just 5 minutes. One can carry out the test using the step by step procedure and no additional equipment is needed. The tests are conducted at the lab, with the same accuracy as when they were done through these cups.

Cost effective

Drug test cups are cost-effective since they can be used to test for several drugs with one sample. This is a savings as every substance is tested in one cup. They can be used for random drug testing at colleges and schools as well as in workplaces.

Tamperproof seal

Twelve Panels for drug testing are an essential tool for combating the problem of drug abuse. They can be utilized in residential and commercial environments to swiftly and effectively check for illegal substances. One of the most important advantages of 12 panel drug test cups is their tamperproof seal. This seal assures the precision of test results as well as the safety of your cup. For the best results, choose a 12-panel drug testing cup with a seal that is tamper-proof.

CLIA-waived , and FDA 510k approved

CLIA waived drugs tests are drug testing methods that have been accepted by clinical laboratory improvement amends. This means it meets certain requirements for precision and accuracy that are set by the centers of medicare. CLIA waivers are granted to cups for testing drugs that have been approved for home use by FDA. The FDA 510k drug test cup is an in vitro diagnostic medical device that is used to test for the presence of drugs in human urine. The test cup is a single-use disposable cup that contains all the necessary reagents and panels.

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