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All You Need To Know About Plastic Consulting Services

Phantom Plastics is a leading provider of plastics-related consulting services as well as polymers. Chris DeArmitt PhD is the director of Phantom Plastics. We can assist you in the event that you face problems or require help to find a solution.

How do a skilled plastics consultant can be of assistance?

The majority of the information we have about the impact of plastics and the environment comes from internet myths as well as other sources that aren’t trustworthy. How do we determine the truth from the fiction? Chris has a wealth of experience in plastics and can help you determine what is true.

Research suggests that 34 percent of Americans don’t recognize fake news. What do these mean for plastics, then? It means that, even all the information out there about plastics is inaccurate, a majority of Americans are influenced by the myths. This means that educated sources should be trusted to be honest.

Chris is a prominent plastics materials scientist. He has spent the majority of his time studying reports and articles in search for the truth. His mission is to inform the public about plastics and let them know the truth about these substances. He’s also committed to solving issues and developing new materials for customers who are stuck and frustrated.

Producing extraordinary plastics formulations

Chris has more than 30 years of experience. He is also passionate about science and has solved numerous issues for companies with hundreds of PhD scientists. Chris is an PhD chemist and has been studying plastic for many years. He is able to understand the plastics on a molecular level, and is able to make new materials more effective instead of just trying out new methods to determine what works. His clients can save a lot of money, time, and frustration with this method.

He will be able to help regardless of whether you are facing an immediate issue or are looking for new materials to solve an ongoing issue.

Chris can assist you in resolving issues related to thermoplastics. These include:

– PE

– PP



– Nylon

If you need a stabilizer or mineral filler, compatibilizer, or another processing assistance, he’s able to design specific recipes.

Find the Expert Assistance You Need Today!

Phantom Plastics is here to help you solve your frustrations. Chris has created custom recipes for clients large and small, ranging from Fortune 500 to the family owned. Whatever the project is, he’ll treat clients with the same care and degree of urgency like any other customer. He is passionate about solving problems for clients and assisting clients understand the concept of the concept of plastic.

– Phantom Plastics can assist with any plastic-related issue, including:

– Problem solutions

– Creating breakthrough products and materials that put you light years ahead of your competitors

– Education through plastics

– It is crucial to understand about plastics as quickly as you can and in the way that makes sense

– In helping you build your network by connecting you with potential clients, partners and distributors

– Strategies that work

– As your guide

Want More Information?

Contact us now to learn more about Phantom Plastics and how we can help. Chris will listen to what you need and show you how he can help.

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