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24 Oct4 ideas to promote your tourism business online


Today we bring you some great ideas that you can apply today in your business to increase your call volume and bookings online.

SEO or search engine optimization

Going beyond search engine optimization and into the idea of marketing, there are some great options for guest ranches, tourism farms and other experiential locations. There is currently a well-defined market for information that will help any organization get more press, better circulation and increased attention.

The best way for your launching business to leverage the players who are already talking with your potential customers is to work with an experienced digital marketing and search engine optimization consultant.

Email Marketing

In addition, there are some do it yourself opportunities that can help you get the most out of online marketing. For instance, you can assemble the email addresses of the customers you’ve had in the past. Create a MailChimp account and send them a thank you letter.

The simple act of expressing your gratitude for their business, while reminding them of your name, can make a big difference for a customer who is on the fence.

Social Media

Creating a social media competition is another way to launch your company’s online marketing presence. There are great options, including a Facebook campaign, which can help your get your arms around a larger community of potential customers.

The prize or goal doesn’t have to be huge – you can ask everyone to refer a friend. You can give away a night’s stay, or a lunch at your farm. Make sure you have in mind the end goal that you want to achieve before you launch the contest.

Partnerships and Joint-ventures

Finally, think about starting a partnership or entering an existing cohort that brings complementary businesses together online. There may be other ranches or farms in your region that are not competitors, but might offer services to support your customers.

There could be restaurants and shops that would appeal to your customers, which are regionally or culturally linked to your business. Creating a place that assures your customers is worthwhile and can return great results.

Dean Lewis has put together a video of his 3 favorite marketing ideas for tourism businesses, we recommend that you watch his 6 min video:

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24 OctHow can SEO help people find your guest ranch or farm?


When clients come to your guest ranch or your tourism farm, you generally provide them with a map. Expecting people to find your business online without clear direction is not very practical.

Search engine optimization is effectively giving your potential customers and clients the best directions on how to find you.

What is SEO? A simple explanation…

Search engine optimization is the technical and business strategic act of defining a path from the consumer to your business.

The way that you define your business, how your brand is structured and what your customers think about you is the foundation of all marketing – digital marketing just codifies that concept into a searchable algorithm.

Building a brand and reputation

Designing a brand platform that can be turned into an indexed and searchable blend of code is not easy! For first timers, it can be a very intimidating and complicated process.

There are great organizations like Adam’s that can help you get on the right track with as much or as little guidance as your particular company needs.

There are also firms that will take over the entire SEO process for a business, giving the business owner a break from the details and management of the content requirements, the image tagging and the social media presence.

And here’s a great way to automate all of it…

While it’s possible to outsource the management of your brand to anyone, really, including a traditional marketing firm, it’s not possible for anyone other than yourself to give the necessary passion and dedication to your brand.

You are the reason your company exists, and the reason that your customers come back. There is a unique and important role that you should play in working with your search engine optimization partner.

However your business decides to approach SEO, you have opportunities to harness new customers and to deepen bonds with existing clients just by properly defining your business and getting that definition into the hands of computers that can share it with the world.

We highly suggest that you take a look at this infographic with really interesting statistics on local SEO for businesses:


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